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Do not Allow Moving Home to Become so Stressful

Premier Solicitors works to do everything we can so that the process of moving home happens smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

It is said that moving home is the third most stressful time of your life. Premier Solicitors works with clients on both a national and local level - we are an innovative firm, evolving with the ever-changing law and adapting to business and commercial pressures, as well as sensibly dealing with private matters.

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A leading law firm staffed by lawyers devoted to providing a professional and affordable legal service on a comprehensive range of legal services.

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We are committed to providing appropriate solutions and excellent customer service. Wherever it is appropriate we strive to offer you our legal services at fixed fees and fair, reasonable rates. We have experienced and approachable staff to welcome your call and direct you to the correct conveyancing specialist who will be your single point of contact throughout the sale or purchase of your house.

Greater efficiency + less fuss = better pricing

Our residential conveyancing team works in a competitive marketplace and there is no place for outdated law firm work practices - ones which create thousands of papers on dozens of desks. Talk to us in person - you will find that you will not be left hanging on the phone for ages - we believe in the traditional values of personal service but with a modern commercial swiftness to a transaction.

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Family moving home

We appreciate how quickly you want to be in. Property chains can be notoriously sluggish and it's in both our interests for Premier Solicitors to remain keenly aware of how any chain is maturing and where the weak links lie. Our professional conveyancers build strong chains. Let us make the difference to your property sales chain

Premier Solicitors offer a range of great value residential conveyancing legal services:

Premier SolicitorsMeet Our Legal Team

Our team consists of dynamic and skilled lawyers who are committed to getting the best results for our clients. We understand that every client requires a bespoke and personalised legal service, and our team of solicitors is dedicated to providing that service.

Meet the Team

How can we be cheaper than so many other conveyancers?

We're still a young, hungry and ambitious law firm. From the day we were incorporated, back in 2007, we knew that we needed to offer home buyers and sellers something different. Bedford, the town in which we're based, is such a competitive market - there's at least four other law firms within a minute's walk of our offices. Through a continual desire to become ever-more efficient in the way we work and the manner in which we communicate, we continue to keep our operating costs low and the value we offer high.

Local knowledge is important

The telephone is our principle method of communication; our national reach and our hard-earned reputation for fixed fee conveyancing has us calling all corners of the country throughout the working week. Yet, sometimes, local knowledge proves itself to be invaluable when trying to make a house-buying chain work. Our combined geographic knowledge of the Bedfordshire property market is second-to-none and our Search suppliers know that there's no-one for miles around that handles the volume of property transactions that Premier Solicitors do.

We work with a growing number of broking businesses and enjoy excellent relationships with major, national, estate agency brands which appreciate our honest approach to fixed fee conveyancing work. We have acquired an enviable amount of knowledge from countless thousands of successful completions throughout the length and breadth of the country and enjoy particular success in the Midlands and South East. Everything comes back to price and our ability to work flexibly - we have built a fantastic conveyancing system and a great team to deliver it.

Law Society Conveyancing Quality Accredited

Law Society Conveyancing Quality SchemeThe Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides Premier Solicitors with a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices. Our membership establishes a level of credibility for firms amongst our peers and stakeholders such as regulators, lenders and insurers as well as residential homebuyers and sellers. Since inception in 2011, the CQS has created a trusted community which has helped year-on-year to deter fraud and continually improve standards across the residential conveyancing sector.