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Administering a Deceased's Estate

Have you recently suffered a bereavement and are looking for support and direction to administer a deceased's estate?

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What is probate?

Probate is the court's authority, given to a person or persons, to administer a deceased person's estate and the document issued by the Probate Registry is called a Grant of Representation. This document is usually required by the asset holders (such as banks) as proof to show the correct person or persons have the Probate Registry's authority to administer a deceased person's estate.

When is Probate required?

The Probate process is needed when investments (typically over £5,000) were held in the deceased's sole name and the banks, building societies and other organisations request for a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration in order to release the funds held.

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Premier Solicitors offer a range of great value probate legal services:

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Saveena deals with - Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration and Planning.

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How soon can a Grant of Probate / Grant of Letters of Administration be obtained?

We can prepare all the necessary papers within 5 working days of receiving full information about the estate from the Executor/ Administrator or if acting in the full administration of the estate from receiving final information from the organisations in the estate. We can then apply for the Grant within 10 working days of the Executor/ Administrator signing and returning the duly signed probate application papers to us.

Dealing with someone's affairs when they die can be complicated and confusing, especially at a time of high emotion.

Our Specialist Probate Team is sensitive, sincere and sympathetic to the needs of all of our clients during very difficult and trying times. Whether you need some advice on what steps you need to take in order to deal with the estate of a loved one or you are looking for someone to carry out services on your behalf, whatever your circumstances our Specialist Probate Team has the right answers and solutions for you.

At a time of loss, financial matters are very sensitive so it should be reassuring to know that Premier Solicitors offer Fixed Fee Probate Services.

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