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Making Arrangements for your Children

How do I Organise the Arrangements for my Children Following Divorce or Separation?

At Premier Solicitors we are aware that the breakdown of a relationship can be a difficult time not only for the parties involved but also the people around them. In particular, the party's children.

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A relationship breakdown can be caused by a number of factors, but it is important that the children intertwined in these situations are not left to feel forgotten by either party. Therefore, it is vital to know exactly what steps are to be taken to ensure that contact can be maintained between the parties and children without either party being removed from the other one's life.

The court will always look at the welfare of the child and this is their paramount concern. With this in mind, the court often adopts a slow, steady and non-partisan approach when considering such cases - which can leave some clients deeply frustrated.

At Premier Solicitors we can assist in this difficult time to ensure that although the relationship between them and their partner has broken down, the relationship between the parties and their children remain in place.

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Arrangements for Children Divorce settlements will involve complex negotiations about arrangements for your children, including custody, visitation, and child support. Let us help you arrange what's best for you and your children. Call Premier Solicitors

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