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Putting the Right Property in your will

What Should you not put in your will?

So, you know that making a last will and testament is a wise decision. It lets your surviving loved ones know exactly what your wishes are regarding your health care, property, and assets in an official legal document.

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Knowing what can and cannot be included in your will can be confusing

You will want to do it correctly and the best way to ensure you do is to contact a specialist will writer Premier Solicitors can give you advice on what to include in your will based on your specific situation.

If you die without leaving a will, this is called being intestate, and it can leave many questions about your personal property, real estate and finances. There are however some things that you can't or should not include in your will.

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Writing A Will Correctly Writing a will involves many technicalities, and even small errors or oversights can have significant consequences. Premier Solicitors will help you avoid mistakes which could lead to legal disputes or challenges to your will. Call Premier Solicitors

Premier Solicitors offer a range of great value will writing legal services:

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Some types of property;

There are some types of property which carry rules that govern what happens after you die. These rules are independent of your will because the nature of these types of properties is to name a beneficiary or avoid probate.

Joint tenancy property;

When you die your share of the property passes directly to the surviving joint tenant, regardless of what your will says.

Property in a lifetime trust;

The property included in a lifetime trust avoids probate; whereas property in your will does not. Property in the lifetime trust automatically goes to the beneficiaries and is managed by the trustee. If you want to change this arrangement, you must do it through the powers of the trust deed and not through your will.

Life insurance proceeds that have a beneficiary;

Like with trusts, the proceeds of your life insurance will automatically go to the beneficiary, often a spouse or minor children.

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