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Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance: Do I need to pay?

It is a legal requirement for a non-resident parent to pay child maintenance to the resident parent, following a divorce or separation. The question that is more important however, is how much maintenance should be paid.

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While the Child Maintenance Service would initially deal with any application (and possible enforcement) it is possible, under certain circumstances, to obtain a top-up from the court, and we can advise you whether your case would fall into such a circumstance.

At Premier Solicitors, we can assist you in determining how much is required to be paid and, more importantly, provide a full explanation as to why it is essential for this payment to be made on time and with any deductions.

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ensuring child maintenance payments after divorce

Child Maintenance Talk to Premier Solicitors. By taking a proactive approach and seeking support when needed, you can help to ensure that your children receive the financial support they need after a divorce. Call Premier Solicitors

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