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Pauline Lyons - Premier Solicitors

Pauline Lyons - Solicitor - Contentious Probate, Litigation and Contentious Court of Protection - Premier Solicitors

Together, with the team, Pauline specialises in effectively dealing with disputes that are born out of a deceased persons estate, these disputes are dealt with expertly and sensitively. Contact Pauline

Pauline will be able to discuss and advise on the options available to you to navigate through the disputes between grief stricken relatives or friends, offering expert guidance and practical support and assistance with expert knowledge of the area to find resolution and upholding the deceased persons final wishes; you may require a mediation or an application to the court for assistance, or advice on blocking an administration with a caveat or negotiating removing a caveat, Pauline and the team can make an application to the High Court or County Court or can defend proceedings issued against you.

Pauline is particularly experienced at dealing with complex estate disputes, is a skilled negotiator and brings a calm and pragmatic approach to achieving resolution.

You may have been left out of a Will of a close family member or that you were financially dependant upon, and you wish to make a claim for financial provision from the estate of the deceased, under the Inheritance (Provision for family and dependants) Act 1975 or you may be an Executor that requires assistance with defending a claim under the 1975 Act, Pauline has a wealth of experience of such applications, to guide you through and address your requirements; you may need assistance recovering or protecting assets of an estate, or you may need an order for sale of a property under the estate that beneficiaries or other third parties are occupying, Pauline and the team will be able to discuss your matter with you, offering advice and support to find resolution.

Pauline qualified as a Solicitor in 2016 and joined Premier Solicitors Litigation/Contention Probate Department in August 2021 as an Assistant Solicitor. Pauline was promoted to Senior Solicitor in 2023.

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Pauline is a mother of three, from Bedford, enjoys cycling, scuba diving, paddleboarding and plays in a local pool team for the Bedford Pool League.

Pauline Lyons - Solicitor, Premier Solicitors