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Nickeisha Robinson - Premier Solicitors

Nickeisha Robinson - Trainee Solicitor - Contentious Probate, Litigation and Contentious Court of Protection - Premier Solicitors

Nickeisha enjoys learning new things and problem-solving and considers her other strengths to be leadership, conflict resolution, integrity, honesty and dedication as she works on behalf of clients. Nickeisha is passionate about the things she does and works well under pressure. Contact Nickeisha

Nickeisha joined Premier Solicitors Litigation/Contention Probate department in August 2019 as a Paralegal. Nickeisha started her training contract in September 2022 and will qualify as a Solicitor in September 2024.

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I love to see the growth and development of others whether it being them achieving their goals, realising their potential or overcoming life challenges.Nickeisha Robinson, Premier Solicitors

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy baking and decorating cakes. I also enjoy writing, specifically journaling in my spare time. Volunteering and community outreach - actively engaging in supporting and assisting on a weekly basis to those in need. Mentoring and coaching.

Nickeisha Robinson - Trainee Solicitor, Premier Solicitors