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Jonathan Gregg - Premier Solicitors

Jonathan Gregg - Solicitor - Court of Protection - Premier Solicitors

Jonathan joined the Court of Protection team in 2018 and has been practising in this area ever since. Contact Jonathan

He specialises in a range of Property and Affairs matters, from standard Deputyship applications and management, to contested applications (i.e., disagreements as to who should be Deputy), Statutory Will applications (where the person lacks capacity to make a Will), and Trustee applications (for the sale of jointly owned property or to manage Trusts on behalf of an incapacitated Trustee).

Jonathan has been involved in emergency and urgent applications to the Court of Protection, notably achieving successful outcomes in contested hearings for the appointment of a Deputy for Property and Financial Affairs, as well as successfully obtaining an urgent Statutory Will within one week of instructions.

Jonathan began studying for his SQE Solicitors Qualification Exam in 2021 and will qualify as a Solicitor in 2024

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Jonathan Gregg - Solicitor, Premier Solicitors