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Free Wills Storage

Wills may be stored securely with Premier Solicitors, absolutely free of charge. There is also no cost for the retrieval of a Will from our secure storage facilities. We will also write to your Executors, if you wish us to inform them of the whereabouts of your Will absolutely free of charge. There is no catch, Premier Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is making this offer as part of our promotion of our fixed fee will writing service.

Are you currently paying for wills storage?

If you are currently paying for storage of your wills, then switch to us for free secure storage irrespective of who wrote your Will.

We cannot of course be liable for a Will written by a third party but can review your Will for you if you so wish. We recommend that you simply re-write and update your Will at the same time with us for our standard low cost fixed fee and store it with us for FREE.

Save Hundreds of Pounds and Get Peace of Mind

Allowing Premier Solicitors to securely store your Wills will save you hundreds of pounds in storage fees, and you can be confident that your Will is stored with a Solicitors' Firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so there will also be a record of where your Will is held.

If you would like Premier Solicitors to revisit the provisions of your will, you will have peace of mind that you have formalised your Will for your estate which of course will lighten the load for your loved ones after your death.

Fixed Fee Basic Will - There are no hidden charges.

We apply fixed fees to many of our services, all charges are clearly stated and are unambiguous. Our Tax Advisor and expert team will assess your needs and will provide only the solutions that are right for you, we never over sell.

Find out more about our fixed fee will writing service.

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