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Have You Recently Suffered a Bereavement, and the Deceased died Without Making a will?

Dealing with someone's affairs when they die can be complicated and confusing, especially at a time of high emotion. This may be compounded even more if they died without leaving a Will.

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When someone dies without leaving a Will (known as an intestacy) many different legal rules apply in order to deal with their affairs.

A high percentage of adults die without leaving a valid Will (often as a result of not making a Will, making a Will themselves where the Will is not properly drafted which can cause a partial intestacy or not properly executed which means it is simply invalid, or where they employ inexperienced Will Writers to prepare their Wills who are not governed by regulatory bodies in the same way as Solicitors).

Generally, other Solicitors may consider intestacies as problematic, complicated and expensive, however, at Premier Solicitors our team provides solutions to problems, simplifies and rectifies complications, and aims to administer the estate as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Our Specialist Probate Team is sensitive, sincere and sympathetic to the needs of all of our clients during very difficult and trying times. Whatever your circumstances our Specialist Team has the right answers and solutions for you.

Our Specialist Team comprises a Chartered Accountant (ex-PricewaterhouseCoopers), a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Chartered Secretary, an Independent Financial Adviser, a Taxation Technician, a Notary Public and a Trust & Estate Practitioner, as well as of course qualified legal professionals.

By using Premier Solicitors you will have the assurance of professional expertise, providing the right solutions for you at FIXED LOW COST rates.

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When identifying Administrators, beneficiaries and administrating an estate, diligence and care is required to avoid costly mistakes. This is where Premier Solicitors' expertise is invaluable.

Premier Solicitors is a dynamic firm of solicitors that strives to maintain low overheads, enabling us to showcase our technical expertise at very low cost. As a result, we have many people returning for further assistance in their legal matters and many new clients coming to us through recommendations from satisfied clients.

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Our rates are so competitive that we carry out work for many other Solicitors, Will Writing & Probate Companies and High Street Banks for a number of reasons, including: they may not deal with Probate work (for example Commercial-only firms of Solicitors or Will Writing only-companies); they may not have the expertise to deal with the more complicated cases; they may not be able to cope with large volumes of work; or we may simply be cheaper than their advertised cost!