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Complications Arising with Intestacies

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Missing Beneficiaries

You may find that there are members of the family which you have lost contact with and their whereabouts remain unknown. Premier Solicitors has expertise to locate and trace individuals in the UK as well as any other country worldwide, subject to the information provided. Premier Solicitors will at the very least aim to provide you with the last known registered address of the missing beneficiary.

Unlike tracing agents or companies that usually charge a high percentage of the estate to locate personal representatives or missing beneficiaries, Premier Solicitors will provide the personal representatives with an approximate cost of locating and tracing the missing beneficiaries.

Premier Solicitors has reunited families by locating and tracing missing beneficiaries, both in the UK and outside the UK. At Premier Solicitors we have an in-house Notary Public who is a specialist Lawyer able to deal with international legal issues, and who has Lawyer and other professional contacts in a number of countries around the world.

Assets in the UK and overseas

With various financial investments being made here in the UK and worldwide, the deceased may have owned property in the UK and overseas. The personal representative may find it difficult to obtain valuations for the property. Premier Solicitors are happy to assist in obtaining valuations for property whether situated here or abroad. Premier Solicitors work with a number of estate agents, valuers and surveyors to ensure that property valuations are obtained promptly. You will not have the stress of dealing with this!

Personal representatives unable to fund estate expenses

Personal representatives are usually subject to certain estate expenses, especially where estate funds cannot be collected prior to the issue of the Grant of Letters of Administration. This may include ensuring that the home insurance is in place, paying court fees to the Probate Registry, and any other expense which the personal representative may be subject to in connection with the administration of the estate. Personal representatives may find it difficult to deal with these expenses. If this is the case, Premier Solicitors can pay for the estate expenses until sufficient funds are available for us to be reimbursed. You should not be out of pocket for taking on the role as personal representative!

Beneficiaries needing access to funds

There is no set time for dealing with an administration of an estate and so it may take some time before the estate can be finally distributed. If this is the case and the beneficiaries require funds then we can provide the beneficiaries with an interim payment to help the beneficiaries for the time being.

We are specialists at what we do, and would be able to distribute the estate in the fastest turnaround times that are possible in the circumstances.

No surviving blood relatives

Where there are no surviving blood relatives and no one to act as personal representative then the estate (if the net amount is worth more than £500) can be referred to the Treasury Solicitor who can administer estates on behalf of the Crown (i.e. where no legal owner of the property can be found). The Treasury Solicitor expects reasonable attempts to be made to search for family members or next of kin before the matter is referred to them. Premier Solicitors has numerous methods for searching for family members and next of kin, so please contact us if you require assistance. Premier Solicitors also works with numerous genealogists who are able to locate blood relatives. We will try our best to locate family members or next of kin so that the estate does not pass to the Crown!

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