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Financial Matters are often the most difficult to resolve on the breakdown of a relationship.

Whether you are experiencing difficulties following the breakdown of a relationship, or you want to protect yourself from future disputes, our family law specialists can help you to safeguard your finances and assets at every stage: Financial Matters on Separation, Divorce or Dissolution; Maintenance; Pensions; and Unmarried Couples and Financial Disputes.

Financial Matters on Separation, Divorce or Dissolution

We can provide advice about the various different ways that financial matters can be resolved including:

We can provide detailed advice about the mediation process and advise whether this is suitable for your case. Our family solicitors will be able to refer you and your spouse or partner to specialist family mediators to help you discuss matters amicably, while providing you with advice and guidance about the law and your rights during the mediation process.

Once an agreement has been reached, either directly, at mediation or through correspondence it is important to make your agreement legally binding by entering into a Consent Order. If you instruct us to prepare a Consent Order (the document which makes your agreement legally binding), we can do so on a fixed fee basis.

If matters can't be resolved without Court proceedings, we have the experience to help you achieve a fair and just financial settlement. Whichever route you choose for resolving your financial matters, we will be able to guide you through the stages, providing clear advice on the law and procedure.

Unmarried Couples and Financial Disputes

The terms common-law wife or husband are frequently used to describe partners who live together, but these terms are misleading because they have no legal standing. The law governing unmarried couples is based on property law principles and unmarried couples will need advice from a family law solicitor specialising in this area.

Whether the property is in joint names or one party's sole name we can help with disputes between unmarried partners which can be resolved either through agreement or, if necessary, proceedings.

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