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Professional Negligence

Those who hold themselves out as being professionals and experts in their field are required to meet certain standards. If they fail to meet those standards, their Client’s reasonable expectations and causes their Client to suffer loss or damage, a claim may arise for Professional Negligence.

Such claims often concern the instruction of those who provide advice in a professional capacity (for example Solicitors, Barristers, Surveyors, Architects, Engineers and Accountants) and the financial losses suffered by a Client can be substantial.

For example, a case or transaction dealt with by a Solicitor may not have been progressed properly, an Accountant may have given incorrect advice, or a Surveyor may have missed an important defect on a property that has been purchased.

Our litigation team have extensive experience in handling matters relating to Professional Negligence and can assist those who are accused of handling a case badly or those who have suffered as a result of negligent advice.

It is also appreciated that, given the circumstances, a Client may be anxious about instructing us or another professional to assist in resolving a problem. Accordingly, our litigation team adopt an empathetic and reassuring approach at the same time as providing a highly attentive and diligent service. Further, we seek to offer pragmatic and straightforward advice to our Clients.

Usually, given the potential time and costs involved in Court Proceedings, a speedy and satisfactory settlement can be achieved. Our litigation team can assist you with this through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or mediation. However, if necessary, we can progress formal proceedings efficiently and proactively through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Competitive and Fixed Fees

The financial aspect of Professional Negligence matters and, in particular, the potential cost consequences of taking action against another party or defending a claim is a key concern for Clients.

We understand this at Premier Solicitors and therefore offer competitive fees for all the services we provide, together with fixed fees for initial aspects where possible.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say thereafter how much any matter will cost, as each case is different. However, there are a number of options available to help you at an affordable price and we offer substantial flexibility in our fee structures to assist Clients as much as possible.

You may, for example, be able to fund the case through legal expenses insurance, which may be tied in to your home or business insurance policy, for instance. If so, we are able and willing to liaise direct with your insurer throughout a matter.

Alternatively, we are happy to consider “no-win, no-fee agreements”, deferred payment arrangements or third party funding where appropriate.

Let Premier Solicitors Help You

If you thinking that you may have a situation that falls into this area or with which we can assist, please contact us today.
Call our Professional Negligence Team today on 01234 358080.
Professional Negligence Lawyers, Bedford.

If you feel you have a cause to pursue a professional negligence claim, arrange to meet one of our Litigation Lawyers at our office in Bedford.


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