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Why Choose Premier?

The Premier Solicitors Difference

Premier Solicitors ticks all the right boxes.

    • “Solicitors’ fees are costly”

      • Premier Solicitors is a dynamic firm of Solicitors that strives to maintain low overheads, enabling us to showcase our technical expertise at very low cost. As a result, we have many people returning for further assistance in their legal matters and many new clients coming to us through recommendations from satisfied clients.
      • We charge a fair and reasonable fee for the work we do, we are proud of our LOW COST, FIXED FEES. We do not usually charge hourly rates (although about 5% to 10% of our clients do prefer this method of charging and so we accommodate them), and so no blank cheques!
      • We will aim to beat any quote provided by a firm of Solicitors, a Will Writing & Probate Company, a Bank or Building Society, or even an Internet Company.
      • Premier Solicitors could save you £100s if not £1,000s in legal fees.  Call us today for a quote and see for yourself.


    • “There will be lots of hidden charges”

      • At Premier Solicitors there are no hidden charges. We apply UPFRONT LOW FIXED FEES to our services and all charges are clearly stated and are unambiguous. You will not have that feeling of writing out a blank cheque. We will aim to beat any written quote. We never over sell products or services.
      • As Solicitors, we are members of the Law Society and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  We charge a fair and reasonable low fixed fee, but you have extra protection afforded by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  Beware of Will Writing & Probate Companies and Banks who can later down the line charge whatever fee they choose to stipulate! They hold your money and can deduct whatever costs they want from estate monies before distributing the estate – do you really want to end up going to court to try and get your money back after dealing with the death of a loved one?  Choose Premier Solicitors who are Specialist Solicitors who can deal with your matter for a fair and reasonable low fixed fee!


    • “It is difficult to contact Solicitors”

      • This is not the case at Premier Solicitors, from the outset you will be provided with a named Specialist Probate Lawyer who you will be able to contact either by letter, direct email or direct dial telephone, or have a face to face consultation, and this person will be responsible for your matter from start to finish.
      • We do not operate like a call centre.
      • We do not outsource work.  We have specialist in-house expertise to deal with all aspects of the estate administration process, and you will deal with the same Specialist Probate Lawyer from start to finish.
      • At Premier Solicitors we offer extended working hours, 9am to 7pm weekdays. Further out of hours appointments may be available on request.
      • No matter where you live in England or Wales, we can help.


  • “Solicitors are slow and hold assets far too long”

    • As members of the Law Society we are fully compliant with their Regulations, and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. A full list of members is available on request. Premier Solicitors has many clients who return time after time for assistance with their legal issues.  It is our philosophy to complete all matters and distribute beneficiaries’ monies on a timely basis, ensuring that each client has total satisfaction at the right price.
    • Solicitors are obliged to pay out the interest earned on client monies to the client, in accordance with the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules, which we usually deal with at the time of distribution.  Beware of Will Writing & Probate Companies who charge a perceived low fixed fee, but then do not pay out interest (as they are not regulated in any way whatsoever and so are not obliged to), as the interest earned could be significantly in excess of the fee that they charge!  This interest should belong to the beneficiaries.

Our rates are so competitive that we carry out work for many other Solicitors, Will Writing & Probate Companies and High Street Banks for a number of reasons, including: they may not deal with Probate work (for example Commercial-only firms of Solicitors or Will Writing only-companies); they may not have the expertise to deal with the more complicated cases; they may not be able to cope with large volumes of work; or we may simply be cheaper than their advertised cost!

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