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Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the current climate of Litigation, it is common for the parties in a dispute to seek an early and cost-effective solution to the problems between them. ADR, which stands for ‘alternative dispute resolution’ is the name given to the methods used to settle disputes other than the court process.

This includes matters such as arbitration which can arise from building contracts and other contracts of a specialist nature. It also covers the process of mediation, which is a meeting between the parties to seek to resolve the dispute in the presence of a mediator. However the mediator does not decide the case and his/her views are not binding on either party.

Premier Solicitors encourages using ADR where it is likely to be effective and takes part in and deals with mediation and explores ADR possibilities.

We consider it important to advise and assist our clients fully on the possibilities for resolution of their claims.


Negotiation is a good first step and involves dealing directly with the person or organization the dispute involves. The process is not binding and the other side does not need to agree to take part before you approach them.

We can take you through this process, ensuring you get the best result for you.


Mediation is one of the most costs effective and quickest ways to resolve a dispute.

Mediation works to find a mutual agreement with both parties to stop the matter proceeding to Court. Going to Court can be time consuming, stressful and expensive and mediation relieves this from you. The benefits of reaching an agreement through mediation can prove personally and financially beneficial. Mediation is not binding so if an agreement is reached that you are not happy with you can dismiss the agreement without the worry that the Court will be aware of your dismissal.

Avoiding costs

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) works by avoiding the extreme costs that come with Court proceedings. ADR does not work for everyone, but we can help you make that decision and aim to get you the best result for the best price.

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