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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

If you are in a relationship where you are experiencing domestic abuse or if you are being threatened with violence by your partner, our team of family law specialists can help you protect yourself and loved ones from violence, threats and pestering. We know that this will be an extremely difficult and emotional time for you and that it will involve you making tough decisions.

You can rest assured that we will listen to your concerns and advise you of the law and your rights. We can help you to obtain the following Court orders to protect you from abuse and stop your partner from coming into your home:

  • A Non-Molestation Order – this is an order which prevents the abuser from being violent or threatening violence against you or your children. It also includes intimidation, harassment, or pestering. A breach of a Non-Molestation Order is a criminal offence. Those guilty of breaching such an order can be imprisoned, fined or both.
  • An Occupation Order – this is an order which indicates who can live in the family home and can direct another person to leave the home.

If you require immediate protection, we can help you obtain an emergency Court Order. We will also recommend other organisations that can offer you support and advice.

Talk to us in confidence about what has happened and we will advise you on the legal options available to you so you can break free from the cycle of abuse and make a fresh start for you and your family.


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