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Fixed Fee Court of Protection Deputyship Applications

Has your loved one or close friend lost capacity to make decisions and did not draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Don’t’ panic! Our specialist Court of Protection team can assist with making an application to the Court of Protection to appoint you and/or somebody else as their Deputy. If you do not wish to be named Deputy, we have a Court of Protection Panel/Professional Deputy who is able to act in these matters, who is one of only 68 specialist Solicitors in England selected by the Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian to be a Panel Deputy.

Our dedicated team have been able to help hundreds of families deal with a complex process at an already emotional and stressful time.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is a specialist Court, designed to protect vulnerable people. They make decisions regarding both financial affairs and personal welfare where the individual lacks capacity to make such specific decision.

Deputyship Application Process

Step One – Complete the necessary Court of Protection application forms, including a capacity assessment completed by a qualified individual (e.g. Social Worker or GP).

Step Two – Once the Court of Protection has ‘issued’ the application, your loved ones and various family members (who are not involved) must be told of the application.

Step Three – Pay the Deputy Bond Premium and await receipt of the Deputyship Order appointing the applicant/s.

Can I Have More than One Deputy?

You can appoint up to four Deputies to manage your property and financial affairs and/or personal welfare. Similar to Lasting Powers of Attorney, these Deputies may act jointly (making every decision together) or jointly and severally (where a Deputy can make a decision without seeking the approval from the other Deputies).

If you have no one willing or able to act to act as Deputy, then we can take on the appointment.

Our Court of Protection Team

We are a leading Solicitors firm, devoted to using our experience and expertise to assist you in all Court of Protection matters. Our team consists of a Panel Deputy, solicitors, a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Tax Advisor, an experienced elderly care home manager/former Learning Disabilities nurse and Paralegals with ranging years of experience within the department. The team is supported by various assistants, who assist in maintaining a high level of customer service in a more cost-effective manner.

As a team, we often provide training to external organisations, with the view to maintaining and developing new working relationships.


We offer a free consultation and Fixed Fee Deputyship Application service. Our costs are payable at the end of the application process to allow payment to be made out of your loved ones account, following receipt of the Deputyship Order. Contact us with details of your circumstances, and we can provide you with a fixed fee quote.

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Why use Premier Solicitors?

  • We act as Professional Deputies and Attorneys on numerous cases and have vast expertise in this area
  • We have a Court of Protection appointed Panel Deputy
  • We are highly cost competitive, and offer fixed fees
  • We can offer a consultation by phone or zoom or at our offices, based in Bedford
  • We can make a home visit, subject to location
  • We make it easy to contact us – You get a designated lawyer, a direct dial and email address
  • Extended opening hours from 9am – 7pm Monday – Friday (with free car park)

Other Professional Relationships

We work alongside various organisations ranging from Councils, Charities, Financial Advisors, Chartered Accountants, Will writers, independent social workers and funeral plan providers to help our clients get the best service and support, depending on their needs.

Contact Sapphire or Jonathan or Rachel today on 01234 – 348 198 or email our Court of Protection team at, or complete our enquiry form today!

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