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Company Restorations

Premier Solicitors are experts in Company Restorations. Our specialist Commercial Legal Team is able to help in the restoration of a company that has been struck off the Register of Companies at Companies House.

We recognise that time is often of the essence. Our specialist team will take care of all the formalities, liaising with the Courts and Companies House, drafting, submitting and replying to all forms and correspondence. We will provide a professional service at all times.

There are two routes that can be taken to restore a company, by a Court Order or via Administrative restoration.

The Court Order route is necessary if the company was dissolved voluntarily. However, if the company was struck off (usually following a failure to file the necessary statutory documents), then an Administrative restoration would be appropriate.

Please note that only companies that have been dissolved for less than six years may apply for restoration to the Register, except where a company is being restored in order to pursue a personal injury claim.

We provide a low cost fixed fee unambiguous quote with no hidden costs. Our fees for a Court restoration are from as little as £250 plus VAT and our fees for an administrative restoration are from £95 plus VAT.


Why use us?

The difference between us and on-line agents is that we are a regulated firm of Solicitors specialising in this type of work, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and so you will be allocated a named legal expert to see your matter through from start to finish.  For more complex matters you are welcome to arrange to meet one of our lawyers at our offices in Bedford.  Even though we are a firm of Solicitors, we also offer competitive fixed fees.

The Court and The Registrar also charge the following disbursements:

  • Court costs on issuing the claim form (currently £280)
  • Treasury solicitor costs normally £300 but can increase if the restoration is complex or there are delays and adjournments such as the failure to lodge all documentation before the Court hearing
  • The Registrar is very likely to issue late filing penalties relating to accounts that were overdue for filing at the date the company was struck off.
  • If the registered office of the dissolved company was situated in Lancashire or Cornwall at the date of strike off then there will be an extra charge of £125 + VAT payable to the Duchy of Lancashire or Cornwall as appropriate.

We are open 9am to 7pm weekdays because we have listened to our clients and we understand that time is important. Other appointments are available by prior arrangement.

Our experienced company restoration team will work to restore your struck off or dissolved company without delay.  We recognise the urgency and distress that is often experienced by our clients as the assets of struck off and dissolved companies are transferred bona Vacantia to the Crown.

If you have a company restoration that you would like assistance with, then please call our expert team on 01234 800 085 or by email at for a free initial consultation.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders and help you to reach the right solution.

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