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Bankruptcy & Insolvency as an Enforcement Method

If an individual owes you money bankruptcy can be used as a potential method for the recovery of that money. We are able to assist you with preparing the required ‘statutory demand’ for the money and if the debtor does not pay following the receipt of that demand we can advise you upon and assist you with the bankruptcy procedures to progress the matter through the Courts. This is also referred to in our Debt Recovery section.

We also specialise in the recovery of money from Companies and other bodies. We work closely with Qualified and nationally recognised Insolvency Practitioners, where required, to deliver the most effective service to you.

Individual Bankruptcy

In the current global recession it may be that you are in considerable debt and need guidance on whether applying for your own bankruptcy is an option or if there are other ways of dealing with the money that you owe, for example, negotiating with your creditors such as banks, credit card companies etc and reaching an agreement with them to discharge your debts over a period of time or to offer a sum of money in settlement of what you owe.

Your situation may be suitable for an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA), a special insolvency scheme which can be an alternative to bankruptcy. In some cases you may be facing bankruptcy as a result of one of your creditors pursuing you and threatening bankruptcy proceedings as an enforcement against you.

Premier Solicitors can advise you fully on all of these matters and their implications including the procedures for bankruptcy, the potential annulment of a bankruptcy order and the procedures and implications of an IVA.

We can also give guidance and advice on administration orders.

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