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Living Together & Current Relationships

Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements

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Pre-nuptial agreements ‘pre-nup’ (or pre-civil partnership agreements) are becoming a more common feature of marriages in the UK.  However, there are number requirements in law to be complied with if you want to ensure that your pre-nup will be effective. 

There is no clear cut answer to the question “are pre-nuptial agreements legal in this country?” but we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with detailed advice about how to enter into an effective pre-nup.

To be sure that you get the guidance and expert drafting you need, speak to one of our family law solicitors about a pre-nup as early as possible.

A post-nuptial agreement (or post-civil partnership agreement) is similar to a pre-nup but is entered into after the marriage.  If you are married but think you should have considered a pre-nup, we can assist with a post-nuptial agreement.

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Cohabitation Agreements

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Many couples in the UK now live together outside of a marriage or civil partnership.  If you want to set down your legal rights in certain areas of your relationship with your partner, we recommend that you draw up a cohabitation agreement from the outset which outlines the rights and obligations of each partner towards each other. Cohabitation agreements can deal with a range of issues including:

  • shared responsibility for your children
  • ownership of property which you live in
  • ownership of jointly owned possessions

Entering into a cohabitation agreement can avoid costly disputes if the relationship does unfortunately break down.  A cohabitation agreement must be carefully drafted by a specialist solicitor to ensure that it will be effective if the relationship does break down and our expert family law team can guide you through this process.

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